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Enhancing your card by adding security to your card by the new Javelin Laminator. The new card laminator provides you with the ability to protect your information from being counterfeited, duplicated and tampered with. Providing a fast laminating on both side of your card and with shorter warm up times, the laminator is easy to use. The Javelin laminator can be used as a standalone unit for both single or dual sided laminating. It can be used with the Javelin D-LITE or the Javelin D-PRO printers with single or dual hoppers, providing direct thermal printing. Application of laminate can help expand the life time of a card up to 5 – 10 years as well as maximize the durability of the card.

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Megakarte Smartcard Corporation is the best laminator supplier Philippines that efficiently provides quick lamination on both sides of the cards. Our offered laminators are easy to use too. Ours is a client-centric organization and thus we ensure justified price range for Javelin laminators. At this basic price, you are able to use it for a single or both side laminations. Place your order soon!