Special Shape Card


Special shape cards are the versatile, unique-shaped cards. These cards are perfect for those who want to be different. You can choose from circle, oval, rounded square, leaf, wink, or half circle, and make a lasting impression. These cards are of high quality and available with full-color offset and digital printing. These are cards are found in various sizes made up of multiple premium paper stocks. In order to fulfill the special requirements of clients, Megakarte Smartcard Corporation started providing solutions depending on our client’s business requirements. Hence, we are indulged in providing special shape card services in the Philippines. Rely on us to get these cards at a very reasonable price.

In order to fulfil special requirements of clients, we started providing solutions depending on our clients’ business requirements. With our special shaped cards, we are offering a wide variety of cards including Small Size, XXL Card, Combi Card, 3 Key Tags Standard, 2 Key Tags Standard, Special Shapes, Punching Holes, CR100, Luggage Tag, Adhesive PVC Card, Rewritable Card and Special Materials. The company is based in Philippines and successfully furnishing varied industry requirements. At Megakarte SmartCard Corporation, we are a team of professionals who work together to complete the undertaken job within the said time frame.