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Contactless, RFID, Proximtity Card


Megakarte Smartcard Corporation is prominent in offering contactless proximity cards in the Philippines including contactless RFID proximity cards. These proximity cards are the contactless smart cards which can be read without inserting them into a reader device, as required by magnetic stripe cards such as credit cards and contact smart cards. Held near an electronic reader for a moment these cards enable the identification of an encoded number. These cards are compatible with all ID door access devices or ID reader. There is contactless transmission of data that only can be read, cannot be copied to other cards. Clients can avail these cards from us at the budget-friendly prices. We are also dealing with RFID access control system in the Philippines.

Deeply rooted in Philippines, MegaKarte Smartcard Corporation is a renowned name amongst the smart card solution providers that offers contactless RFID proximity cards at reasonable prices. The proximity cards feature a unique contactless card technology inserted inside it that allows to be read without inserting it into a card reader. The sound of a beep is enough to indicate that the proximity card has been accepted. Thus, contactless proximity cards are time saving and useful cards. We have used the latest technology in producing different types of proximity cards such as I- CODE Card, MIFARE Classic 4K, EM4102, T5567 (TEMIC) Card, and many more.

MEGAKARTE Smartcard Corporation is one of the remarkable organizations that are operating as contactless card supplier and Rfid card supplier Philippines. Our assortment of cards include RFID card, contactless card, beep card, proximity card, mifare card, and desfire card. As Mifare card supplier Philippines, we offer cards that are contactless cards, and are readable even without the need for inserting them into any reader device. They are very different from credit cards or contact smart cards that come with a magnetic stripe. One only needs to hold these cards near an electronic reader for it to enable the identification of any kind of encoded number. Besides this, the contactless or proximity cards are compatible with ID readers and various ID door access devices. As proximity card supplier Philippines, it is our motive to provide the finest quality cards to clients. Besides this, we also operate as beep card Philippines and provide these cards at reasonable prices. So, contact desfire card supplier Philippines now to get amazing products.