Megakarte Smartcard Corporation in offers the world’s best-selling fingerprint and RFID access control the VF30. It’s fashionable, modernized design and powerful functions made it globally popular.


VF30 fingerprint access control and time attendance is a professional access control system developed for small to medium size enterprises with requirement for their security. It integrates fingerprint identification, RFID, burglar alarm, time attendance and access control functions, PoE TCP/IP communication and access control functions.   With standalone access control software – Crosschex, VF30 offers group access control for high security level. Aside from its fashionable, elegant appearance and reliable structure it also has a high quality musical buzzer, multiple language display, user-friendly interface, and a powerful communication function suitable for data management and security in different environments. It is versatile, convenient and multi-functional with functional background management software compatible with various types of databases.



The key features of this unit includes optical waterproof fingerprint sensor, scratch proof, unbreakable and durable. It accepts all kinds of fingerprints. It also has a direct lock control to open door; door open sensor. Also offers optional SC011 or any other standard access controller for separate type secure access control system and a unique infrared auto wakeup design.


VF30 integrate fingerprint identification is easy to use and supports various verification mode; fingerprint, password or card. The unit has an illuminated blue button and simplicity semi-transparent button design for easy day and night operation. It also has a reset button and function keys Fn, In and out are convenience to manage and switch work code and time attendance status.

Network Topology Illustration

product sub VF30a


• Outstanding optical waterproof, scratch-proof, unbreakable and durable fingerprint sensor
• Unique infrared auto wakeup design
• BioNano core algorithm platform of high performance and reliability
• New 2017 version algorithm with improved performance on wet and dry fingerprints.
• Support identification from different angles
• Support multiple languages display. Suitable for local market.
• White backlit keypad with 10 numeric keys and 7 function keys
• Standard EM card reader. Optional Mifare card reader
• RS485, Mini USB, WIFI & TCP/IP for network connection
• Support wiegand26 output
• Direct lock control to open door, door open sensor
• Optional SC011 or any other standard access controller for separate type secure access control system
• Time zone and group access control, realtime data transfer monitor
• Wall mounted, combine 2-in-1 function for access control and time attendance

Manage individuals, time, and events more efficiently.

Featuring a user-friendly GUI, AIM CrossChex provides feature-rich time and attendance management experience, meeting all needs of employee attendance tracking and access restriction of small and medium-sized businesses that house employees in a centralized workplace.

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