Fingerprint & RFID Access Control


T5 Pro is the most exquisite access control device which is suitable for installing on door frame as it has a small size and a compact design. It has fully sealed and has waterproof and dust proof fingerprint sensor. It is a fully equipped access control that integrates fingerprint and RFID technology for higher security requirement. T5 Pro has standard Wiegand output to connect effortlessly with access controllers and relay output driver to the electric lock directly. One good thing about this unit is that with master cards, you can register or delete users under offline state. USB power supply and debug make operations simple and the most cost effective and efficient choice for you.


Bionano the core algorithm is applied in all Anviz biometric based products used for identification. The Bionano is an independent research and development that is suitable for both wet and dry fingers, it automatically heals the broken lines in fingerprint images and extraction of features in worn fingerprints. The Fingerprint template is auto update. The unit features the new generation sensor, hermetic, waterproof and dustproof. Easy user enrollment on the unit via Master card or in the management software, compatible with industrial standard RFID EM and Mifare, it also communicates with computer via TCP/IP, RS485 and mini USB port. It directly connects to lock control and door open sensor as a stand-alone controller.  With standard Wiegand26 output and optional waterproof cover for outdoor solution. Moreover, various and numerous communications like TCP/IP and RS485 are appropriate for multiple network deployment.

Network Topology Illustration

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BioNANO - The core algorithm
BioNano is applied in all Anviz biometric-based products used for identification.

•Independent research and development


•Suitable for both wet and dry fingers


•Automatically heals the broken lines in fingerprint images


•Extraction of features in worn fingerprints


•Fingerprint template auto update

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