Comfortable, Light-weight, Capable with simple work


Megakarte Smartcard Corporation offers you the new PI-1000 series it is a lightweight, portable data terminal (PDT) for data capture and collection. This unit will help you to get to know PI series and utilize it well. It is structured to resist damage from dust as IP54 with 1.5m safe drop distance.  It also supports actual scanning of the wireless communication through Wi-Fi and BT protocol.


Ergonomic designed with impeccable measurement and it has only 160g. The users will have no pressure even after long hour of working with PI-Series.


PI-Series is suitable for indoor premises application in retail, manufacturing, logistic and grocery environment. It will continue to operate even if put under the worst environment.


PI-Series is loaded with spec. like 16MB DRAM and 20MB Flash ROM, so you may have large files log and data storage in comparison to the same models in its class. Multi-interface through USB, RS232, Wifi and BT communication. PI-Series will satisfy and fulfill your demand whether it’s indoor or outdoor applications.


Here are the following key features of Argox PI-1000 Mobile Computer: PI-1000 is lightweight and have versatile design with terminal dimensions of 145.0mm (L) x 55.0mm (W) x 26.0mm (H) and weighing 160g without battery. Also, large files and data’s are not a problem for it is easy to install large files in this device with 16MB DRAM and 20MB Flash ROM. Moreover, The PI-1000 Mobile computers scan rate is 200 scans/second and with USB and RS-232 communication interface. This is the perfect mobile computer for all your needs.

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