Megakarte Smartcard Corporation offers AI-6821 data collection mode with 7KB storage build in.  A 6 ft. drop tolerance allows the Eagle Eye 6821 to be used in tough environments while still providing consistent performance and quality. They’re IP65 rated sealing resists water and dust for dependable performance in damp and dirty environments.  The Eagle Eye 6821 ergonomic design reduce or lessens user's fatigue, as it increases scanning capabilities in operation by removing itself from being wired directly to a device, which allows the users to extend their scanning range up to 300 feet in distance! The features offered by Argox eagle Eye 6821 are commonly available on more expensive models.



AI-6821 is well suited for use in extreme environments such as; cold storage or high heat temperatures/high humidity conditions. AI-6821 can also process up to 4mil resolution barcode readability. Likewise, the transmission rate is 3 times faster than the competitors within its class which can greatly increase efficiency and minimize downtime.


For warehouse and logistic operations, AI-6821 can provide non-stop services over the whole working shift. It is the perfect scanning device for inventory check. For factory shop floor use, AI-6821 can be great helping hands with built in vibrator for good-reading and data receiving acknowledge indicator.


AI-6821 has been well recognized by Argox customer groups for its sharp readings and rigid structures in light industrial applications. It takes no time to complete the setting with the user-friendly UI design of AI-6821; you will be able to complete the data analysis whenever you want.


Versatile Data Editing to Adopt Database Format

AI-6821 comes with powerful DataMagic data editing tool. It allows AI-6821 to transmit scanned data after been edited according to preset rules to fit in specific re-organization of the data sequence, even replacing specific data with designated numbers or characters. Substantial efforts used to be required after data scanning can now all be eliminated through simple setting on screen via friendly user interface then download into AI-6821.