In today’s marketplace, the word “solution” appears beside the word “software” so frequently that we unconsciously stutter the pair of words rather than one or the other when talking about new purchases or shopping for something to aid our businesses.

Megakarte Smartcard Corporation has come up with a solution that will help you and your client with your daily activities, we introduce to you our latest software solution the  this revolutionized software comes up with different various software like Loyalty Card Systems, Asset Tracking System, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and ID Custom Software System / Development.


Loyalty Card System


The first step in creating a Loyalty Program is to decide what point value to assign to customer purchases.

Member Portal

Customer Data

Customer Session

Rewards Management

Tag, Track, and Report

Easy-to-Use Asset Tracking Software


Automate your organization’s fixed asset tracking for improved check-in/check-out processes, faster auditing, and reporting.

Human Resource Information System

Is a software solution for small to mid-sized businesses to help automate and manage their HR, payroll, management and accounting activities.

  • Database
  • Time and Labour Management
  • Payroll Function
  • Benefits
  • Employee Interface
  • Recruitment and Retention



Provides web-based or desktop-based software systems and optional customizations relating to ID technologies such as RFID, cards, barcodes, magnetic stripe, and biometric products.