Pre-printed custom designed cards combine the best features and are professionally printed in large dye sublimation printers to provide a cost effective option for different kind of cards like bank cards, gift cards, ID cards, loyalty, membership cards and other card products that need to be customized or personalized after the fact are ideally using this technology. Cards printed using this technology has a premium quality result that outshines standard ID card printers. Cards are Pre-printed with a base design first using lithographic printing and then, when require, minor monochrome or full color customization and personalization likes barcodes, control numbers, and photo are added to the cards using dye-sublimation.

Pre-printed cards can offer lower cost on larger printing jobs and can help save the client their time and hassle, especially for bulk orders for we’ll do the job for you. Pre-printing manufacturing process creates stunning graphics and accurate and precise colors for truly professional looking cards. Pre-printing is available for all types of cards, be it plain plastic, they contain prox or other smart chips, or they have magnetic stripes.

Pre-printed cards are made from the best plastic, on state-of-the-art equipment, and manufactured under strict process, procedure and quality controls. All cards are tested in different categories such as card size and thickness, ink colors, magnetic striping and lamination. Cards are also inspected and examined either by hand or by a fully-automatic color inspection computer system to ensure the best possible quality.
When you have a full edge to edge color on cards, perfect color matching, and consistent superb quality requirement it is important and many organizations find it more beneficial to have their cards printed by a card plant especially in high volume of orders.