L100 - Home & Business Doorlock

Megakarte Smartcard Corporation offers you the L100 Home& Business Door lock it has a unique fingerprint lock that can be used in every home and office for access control. This latest Anviz fingerprint algorithm allows doors to open in just a second after proper identification. Enrollment can be done within 5 seconds for its simple design. The unique card reader design provides greater convenience to all especially older and younger family members, as well as office staff who already have cards.


It is very convenient for companies when employees have RFID cards in domestic environments for easy and safe access. The reversible handle feature of the unit can fully meet the DIY installation requirement. Additionally, L100 utilizes the TI chip for low power consumption. This ensures a door can be opened 8000 times with just 4 AA batteries. Special design for free entrance in the office.


The revolutionary Anviz L100 is a single latch door lock with fingerprint authentication technology. Authorized users can easily open the lock with just a touch of a finger. This amazing product replaces keyed locking mechanisms with a fingerprint sensor which recognizes who is authorized and not authorized to enter. Once your fingerprint is registered, all you will have to is scan your fingerprint to gain access. It’s that simple.


The Anviz L100 will allow users to freely and easily add and delete any individual with the optional K100 programmer The Anviz L100 fingerprint lock is made with excellence using a high impact lock body with high grade and state of the art nanotechnology surface and high quality steel construction. With this being said the outer body of the unit will surely help prevent your lock from corrosion, weathering and fading.


Product features

• Professional, elegant, exquisite, compact and stylish design by famous designer


• Strong zinc alloy front panel, Waterproof, Stable and reliable


• Single latch for easy installation; User can change the handle direction; DIY design


• Independent clutch motor design, Reversible handle, Free rotation


• Backup mechanical key for emergency open