Megakarte Smartcard Corporation offers you a Mobile Computer that delivers more than specifications, option and features. The New PA-100 series has also been the flagship for the Argox line of mobile computer, combining contemporary system architecture, superior performance and outstanding reliability. With PA-100 series you will never have any surprise but only need to expect what should have come.


More processing power and intelligence command have driven PA-100 series on the data communication freeway. PA-100 series tightly connect your work force in the field with your


headquarter office. Various accessories have given the new PA-100 series the final touch, from a moving vehicle to the working bench, and make it a perfect partner to your workforce. Likewise it is lighter and comfortable in user’s palm making it more user-friendly.


PA-100 series is a rugged mobile computer device that can surely partner with your workflow, to increase their effectiveness and efficiency. Aiming at harsh, demanding and challenging application environment, the PA-100 series is designed to face and handle drops and bumps happened everywhere in mobile applications. For tasks and duties out in the rain or dusty field, IP65 sealing design makes PA-100 series safely completing the mission with consistent quality and performance. Sealed to survive immersion in water, tasks in the city sewage can be conducted with peace of mind because the PA-100 series will strongly secure and protect your working data even if been dropped in the water.


To transfer or relocate a retail application used PA-100 series to the warehouse for intensive data capture application is easy as 1-2-3. Providing strong structure and simple mechanical design, user can easily and effortlessly install an optional pistol-grip onto the standard PA-100 series mobile computer in the back office with a Philips screw driver.