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Operational Details

• Single 2.5" Solid State Drive SSD: 300GB, 600GB capacities available
• Quiet forced air cooling
• Multi-platform compatibility: Windows, Macintosh, Linux
• Microsoft Windows Server & Linux (fully supported with eSATA)
•eSATA 3.0 (up to 3Gb/s) and USB 2.0 (up to 480Mb/s) interface

Disaster & Security Specifications

• ioSafe® ArmorPlate military grade drive casing, one quarter inch thick
• ioSafe® FloSafeTM air cooled technology for reliable operation
• Drop and Shock: 20 foot drop into rubble, 1000g shock for 1ms with no data loss
• Crush: up to 5000lbs
• HydroSafeTM Technology Water protection
• Protects Data From Fire: DataCastTM Technology. 1550°F, 1/2 hr per ASTM E119 with no data loss.
• Protects Data From Flood: HydroSafeTM Technology. Full immersion, 30 ft. 30 days with no data loss.
• Tested per UL, FCC and CE Standards where applicable
• Proven data protection and recovery.
• Physical theft protection
• Cable lock or dual floor mount bolt hole in steel chassis.
• Kensington® Lock Compatible


• 1 Year Data Recovery Service Standard (3 and 5 year plans available)
• 3 Year manufacturer's warranty for defects Standard (5 year available with purchase of 5 year DRS upgrade)
• Up to $5000 included for forensic recovery service
• Advanced Replacement included for warranty/DRS exchanges
• Expedited shipping for DRS support

Inside The Box

• ioSafe Solo SSD
• USB 2.0 cable
• eSATA cable
• Power cable/Adaptor
• User manual


• Electrical — AC input
• Voltage: 80 ~ 264 VAC at 50/60 HZ
• Typical Power Consumption: < 25W

System Requirements

• Intel Pentium II 350 Mhz-compatible or Mac G3 processor & greater
• Microsoft® Server 2003/2008, Windows® 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 Compatible, Mac OS® 9.0, or later and Linux Kernel 2.4.23.
• USB supported for Microsoft Windows XP onward, Mac OS X onward and Linux based NAS devices1
• eSATA for full support of Windows Server or Linux Server systems
• eSATA/USB 2.0 speeds, the system must support applicable specifications

1 3TB and higher capacity support limited to Windows 7 onward, Windows Server 2008 onward, Linux and Mac.

Operating Environment

• Operating: 0-40° C (104° F)
• Non-operating: 0-1550° F, 1/2 hour per ASTM E119 with no data loss
• Operating Humidity: 20% - 80% (non-condensing)
• Non-operating Humidity: 100%, Full water immersion, 30 feet, 30 days with no data loss


• Size: 5.0"W x 7.1"H x 11.0"L
• Weight: 20 lbs

ioSafe Data Recovery Service Terms and Conditions

As applicable during the DRS period, the Company or its contracted partner will assist the original purchaser for one "data recovery event" without the requirement to pay a deductible. Additional attempts beyond the first "data recovery event" will require a deductible of $500 for the second "data recovery event," $1000 for the third "data recovery event" and $2000 for the any additional "data recovery events." For the DRS Basic or original ioSafe DRS plan (products sold prior to 2012), the DRS plan applies to the original owner for the ioSafe product. For the DRS Pro plan, data recovery services will be performed on the registered ioSafe product for the original owner and to one registered computer of the original ioSafe owner attached to the ioSafe product. The Company will attempt to restore the lost data by employing one or more of the following ways in ioSafe's sole discretion:

The Company or its contracted partner will provide phone or email based support to assist in recovering the data, or

        1. The Company will pay for the disaster exposed product to be shipped back to the Company's headquarters for data recovery. If data recovery is successful, a replacement product will be loaded with the original data and shipped back to the original user, or

        2. At the discretion of the Company, if the data recovery by the Company is not successful, the Company will pay up to the total amount shown in the table below for the specific product to a third-party disk recovery service and/or an onsite technical support of the Company's choice to extract the data. Any data extracted will be loaded on a replacement product and shipped back to the original user. The Company has the right to use a factory refurbished product as the replacement ioSafe branded product. Data recovery services for any attached server or computer will cover the costs of data recovery only up to the total limits below if applicable and will not cover replacement costs for the non-ioSafe branded server or computer.